Can you really have fantastic sex after years together?

Is it really possible to have fantastic sex with your partner if you’ve been together for a long time?

I see so many people, couples and individuals, who are worried that they’re not having as much sex as they used to  have with their partner. Or in a lot cases, as much as they think they should be having. Trust me – no one is having as much sex as you think they are!

This article in The Guardian echoes what I’m told: “Sex is boring”, “It’s another chore to tick off the list”, “The last thing I want at the end of a long day is for him to just shove his hands down my pants!”, “I thought it would be better now the kids have grown up but we’ve lost our connection”.

As difficult as it may seem, the first thing you need to do is start talking about it.

There are so many things you can do to get your sexual connection back. It’s highly unlikely that it will be the mad, passionate sex you had at the start of your relationship, but it can be just as fulfilling and a whole lot of fun!

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